How to be motivated to study? The 6 easy steps to follow

It is often difficult for us as students to stay focused and how to be motivated to study when we have so many other jobs to finish.

Especially when there are lots of things going around you to keep distracting you even if you are determined to study.

Believe me, as a student I have been there many times and faced those situations where I used to wake up early in the morning with the promise to myself that I will finish this chapter today or finish my homework.

But as soon as I opened my book to study all kinds of disturbance used to arise all of a sudden like it was waiting for the time I started studying.

how to be motivated to study

I used to lose my mind to study and seeing the heap of books on the table developed procrastination.

I used to lose motivation for studying no matter how much I wanted to study and finish my homework.

Even knowing the fact that to get rid of those heaps is actually by completing it but the study motivation is very difficult to achieve.

But remember no matter how hard things can be and those heap of the book might even feel like a mountain on your head but “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”. 

15 motivational quotes on studies that will keep you focused

The reason for your failure to stay motivated is that your everyday task is not organized and your goals are not clear.

We fail to organize our everyday tasks and leave them before even completing it. And most importantly we never change our habit even though we understand where we are lacking.

This happened with me too so there is nothing like you are too late and that you are hopeless or nothing can be done or you’re finished. 

Because I was more hopeless than you are but still I ended up getting good grades in my Final semester. Great isn’t it?

Always remember persistency is the key for you to succeed in any field you are in. 

Importance of motivation on studies:

Why do you think motivation is required for students?

Let me answer that for you in case you don’t have an answer or are struggling to find out.

Motivation is required when you start losing focus or interest in studying. As human mindset tends to get distracted often from even small little things.

When you see anything that can distract you easily you lose your interest in the study and start procrastinating. 

Distraction can be anything like your pets pestering you, music or TV being played, cell phones buzzing or your friends enjoying a party without you. 

Motivation acts as a guiding force for you at that time and guides you to stay focused on your goals. 

To stay motivated, you can even read some motivational quotes on studies from famous successful people (link) that can help you understand why you are here and what your goals are.

This is the same way how to motivate college students as well.

The 6 easy steps to keep you motivated to study and tell you how I study:

motivation quote for study

1. Organize your task every day at night: This is a very important thing to do before going to bed. It might sound very stupid and basic but believe me, many successful people organize the task so at the end of the day they can know how much productive they have been.

Make a list of all your tasks that you want to finish the next day and set up your deadline for it (make sure your deadline is 1-2 days advance to the actual deadline you have). 

Because at night you tend to stay relaxed and think well about the things you want to do tomorrow.

2. Wake up early: Waking up early is not just a good habit but also as per the survey conducted, people who wake up early are more productive and active than those who wake up late morning.

3. Meditation/Yoga: This is the most important thing not just for your body but most importantly your mind.

Mediation keeps your mind refreshed and healthy and yoga improves respiration, energy & vitality. There are many benefits for both though. 

4. Read Books: Every successful person has this common habit of reading. No matter how rich they are or old they get or how many books they have read, they just simply cannot give up this habit of reading.

In fact, I broke my bad habits and developed all good habits by reading books. My personal favorite book and recommendation to students like me is Atomic Habit (it is a book about breaking your bad habits and developing good one)

No matter how busy you are or how much work you have, you always make time to read. 

The many benefits of reading are:

  • It helps you vocabulary
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase in lifespan
  • Builds empathy
  • Reduces the chances of depression

5. Time to study (complete task): This is where you will look up all your day’s tasks you need to finish.

Isolate yourself from all kinds of electronic gadgets except the one you need to help you in completing your task.

Devote some hours of your day where you will only engage in studying or completing your daily task.

6. Give yourself a treat: After you have finished all your day’s tasks and are self-satisfied, it is important for you to give a walk to yourself and relax.

Studying and finishing your tasks doesn’t mean you stop socializing and sit 24 hours a day in front of the computer or a geek sticking to books all the time.

Hang out and have fun. And repeat these 6 easy steps to keep yourself motivated throughout the year. 

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